Get On-line Valuation

If you have any questions about your stamps or are looking for a place where you can sell your collection we can help. We are experts in how to value and sell a stamp collection.

We are used to dealing with everything from inherited ‘schoolboy’ collections and individual rarities to some of the world’s finest exhibits. Our team will be happy to give you the advice and information you need.

We offer an online valuation Service for you. How it work:


  • This Service provided totally on-line only, no any physical delivery will be done.
  • We evaluate only Philatelic items Like - Stamps, First day covers, Fiscal Items, Collections etc. We don't evaluate Coin, Banknote, Antique Item, other collectibles, Please don't include it in photos or Scans.
  • Review, how many pages you need to evaluate your collation?
  • Buy our online Valuation package according your needs from our web store.
  • Take clear photos or Scan of your collection ( See Photography tips)
  • Send it to us via email to: or Whatsapp: 9621449233. All communication must be done via your registered email or phone with us. No communication accept from other no.
  • Please allow 5-10 days for evaluation because we received many evaluation request every week so done it according queue. We reply our detailed evaluation, page by page to you.
  • For any assistance you may contact any time via our email or whatsapp but we reply as soon as possible.
  • We don't reply to all those photos or scans who send without buying a package. 
  • We evaluate all verbally according your provided scan of front & back of items. It's may be 10-20% Less or more in market. For accurate evaluation we recommend physical visit. 


Our Packages for On-line Valuation



Total No. of Pages

Fee for On-line



Up to 10 Album or Scan Pages

Rs. 2000.00


Up to 25 Album or Scan Pages

Rs. 4500.00


Up to 50 Album or Scan Pages

Rs. 8000.00


Up to 100 Album or Scan Pages

Rs. 15000.00


Up to 200 Album or Scan Pages

Rs. 28000.00


200-300 Album or Scan Pages

Rs. 35000.00



Introductory Offer: Get 10% Discount on all package’s for limited period.

If you wish to bring your items to us at our office at Kanpur/ UP, please contact us to arrange an appointment via email or whatsapp.


 Tips for photography

  • Photos/Scan Pages of your collection will be very useful for us to make an initial assessment and can be easily uploaded from this page.
  • If you have a single stamp or a small selection of stamps for sale then scanning may be easier for you, although a photo will be just as good.
  • If you have a few albums or literally a roomful of stamps, then some general pictures showing the quantity of albums will be useful. In many cases collectors with more valuable collections would have bought more expensive albums to house and protect them, so enabling us to see the types of albums used can be useful initially.
  • Most collectors arrange their stamps in date order and so if you are able to take a few pictures of the “earlier” pages of stamps then that will indicate to us the probable calibre and extent of the collection. One photo per page will be absolutely fine – no need at this stage for close-ups – all we are trying to do in the first instance is to get a rough idea of the collection so that we can decide how to proceed.
  • For perfect Evaluation, Please Put all items visible don't overlap it. 




We accept: