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3 Free resources to get your stamps valued

There are a wide variety of specialist resources which can help you to discover your stamps’ background, how it was printed and its date of issue.


1- Stamp Catalogues and Identification Books: In the UK, Gibbons publish the most used catalogue. In France, it is Yvert and Tellier and in Germany it is Michel. Collectors of stamps from the United States will need to refer to Scott Specialized Catalogue. All of these various stamp identification books are available for free usage in well-stocked major libraries.


2- Online resources: To quickly identify a stamp in your possession and learn more about its value, you can search through the online Marketplaces – an online resource which lists millions of different stamps. If you’re patient enough to scroll through and find one which is similar to yours, this may give you an idea about its potential value.


In reality, the values which these publications and catalogues assign to stamps are very optimistic. Even most dealers discount their prices heavily from the values they display. This is because prices on sites like this are usually for perfect issues – which is unlikely to be the case with most stamps.


3- Specialist valuation experts: Although this guide is intended to be a useful resource, we would strongly recommend getting a professional valuation from a philatelic expert with years of knowledge and experience. Only then should you decide what to do with a stamp or collection which has come into your possession.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like one of them to take a look at your collection – they’ll happily provide any assistance you may need.

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